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Yellow Jacket, LLC Plans to Release the iPhone 5/5S Stun Gun Case for Late Fall 

Baton Rouge, LA - Upgrade your protection with the new iPhone 5/5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 Yellow Jacket™ models expected to be released late Fall 2013 and early Winter 2014. News for the upcoming launch of the new Yellow Jacket™ iPhone™ and Samsung models has caused quite a stir for Yellow Jacket fans. Throngs of questions poured in through social media messages, phone calls and emails as fans waited anxiously for the announcement of the iPhone 5/5S release.

Along with the new cases, Yellow JacketTM support- ers can expect some pioneering enhancements in design and functionality of their case, including ambidextrous triggers and a detachable stun gun pack. The new cases will have a sleeker and slimmer appearance and introduce four new colors - red, blue, green and gray - to the Yellow Jacket™ line. Other features include; a ThermalePlastic Elastomer, TPE case with a protective lip, increased stun gun amper- age, five battery charging LEDs and an improved MFi USB lightning connector.

Along with the improvements to the new models, Yellow JacketTM has switched to a new and larger manufacturer that provides larger production capac- ity and manufactures well-known products.
Pre-order purchases for the new phone case models begin the end of November.




Yellow Jacket Introduces World’s First Smartphone Defense Case


Yellow Jacket, LLC, a Louisiana based technology startup, has officially launched Yellow Jacket, a patent pending iPhone® 4 & 4S case housing a 650,000 volt stun gun designed for personal protection. The iPhone® case also contains its own battery which provides up to 20 additional hours of charge to the phone. Yellow Jacket was made for iPhone® owners that find themselves on the go – independent working professionals, frequent travelers or students entering college – as a convenient, reliable and non-lethal form of self-defense.

With safety in mind, the inventors equipped the smartphone case with several safety features to prevent accidental discharge. The features can be engaged in one second, enabling the owner to be ready for action immediately.  With the flip of a switch, the user can toggle between charging the phone and having the stun gun in “ready” mode.

Inventor and co-founder Seth Froom, a former US Army MP, devised the concept for Yellow Jacket after an armed robbery he experienced in 2011. Froom and co-founder, Sean Simone, partnered with leaders from the stun gun industry to ensure the product is of the highest quality.

 “The personal security industry hasn’t seen a product like this in years. The way that the stun gun is concealed while also packing a strong punch is just amazing,” said Billy Pennington, holder of 13 United States patents and owner of Personal Security Products, Inc. (http://psproducts.com).

The Yellow Jacket team launched a campaign via the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo.com about a month ago. To date, almost 1,000 units have been ordered during the presale phase, which ends on July 31, 2012 at midnight.

“Because of several recent local and national incidents, we feel that more people than ever are paying closer attention to personal safety. We combined a non-lethal form of self-defense with a technology that millions of Americans carry with them at all times,” stated Simone. 

About Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket, LLC is an innovative, Louisiana based, personal safety device company and creator of the Yellow Jacket™ smartphone stun gun case. Yellow Jacket™ smartphone stun gun case provides users with at hand protection, extra battery life and a durable covering for your phone. Our goal at Yellow Jacket, LLC is to provide an accessible means of self-defense while promoting safety conscious decision making. To learn more about Yellow Jacket, LLC visit www.yellowjacketcase.com.