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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

  • What is a Yellow Jacket™ (case)?

    Yellow Jacket™ is The World's Only Stun Gun Smartphone Case Concealed inside Yellow Jacket™ is a loud, bright high voltage stun gun that produces a painful "sting".

    The case has 2 safety features that help prevent accidental discharge while being easily deployable in an instant.

    Yellow Jacket™ houses a rechargeable battery that virtually doubles the life of your phone. A durable PC & ABS hard plastic case protects your phone from damage.

  • Aren't stun guns illegal?

    Actually, stun guns, also known as electroshock weapons, are legal in most of the world. Educate yourself! Check your state and local laws before purchasing and/or possessing your Yellow Jacket™. See the Q&A below for the list of cities, states and countries where stun guns are illegal.

  • Who can and cannot purchase a Yellow Jacket™?

    Stun guns are legal to own in most states by people 18 years of age and older. A handful of states require owners to prove that they are not convicted felons, while other states have bans on carrying stun guns at specific places such as schools, courthouses and other public buildings. 

    California is the only state that requires your stun gun to have a serial code on it.

    Stun guns are legal in Illinois with an FOID.

    Michigan residents can only purchase a stun gun from a local dealer, no online purchases and must have a firearm license.

    Stun guns are legal in Wisconsin with a CCW license.

    The states that do ban stun guns are:

    - Massachusetts
    - New Jersey
    - New York
    - Rhode Island
    - Wisconsin
    - All US Virgin Islands

    Counties and cities that ban stun guns include:

    - Annapolis, MD
    - Baltimore City, MD
    - Baltimore County, MD
    - Dennison, IA
    - Crawford County, IA
    - District of Columbia (D.C.)
    - Harford County, MD
    - Howard County, MD
    - Philadelphia, PA

    Many people think they know the legality and effects of stun guns without ever having done the research themselves. Don’t let these naysayers stop you from being protected legally.

  • When will Yellow Jacket™ accept international orders?

    In foreign countries, Yellow Jacket™ must sell through distributors approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce because our product is a personal protection device. Currently, we have an export license for Mexico only. We will notify customers on our blog and social media sites whenever we add a new approved foreign distributor. We will create a section on our website to refer you to this specific distributor so that you can purchase directly from them.

  • Where can I purchase a Yellow Jacket™ case?

    You may purchase a Yellow Jacket™ case on our website: www.YellowJacketCase.com. You can also look for them at the following major retailers: 

    - Academy Sports + Outdoors

  • How is the Yellow Jacket™ case comparable with other brands like OtterBox, Mophie or Lifeproof cases?

    The focus of Yellow Jacket's smartphone cases is first and foremost as a convenient personal security device.

    While OtterBox focuses on durability, Mophie focuses on an extra battery supply and Lifeproof focuses on phone protection from the elements.

    At Yellow Jacket™, our focus is on the integration of a stun gun feature into your phone case. When it comes to this feature, we are obviously providing value to our customers that other cases cannot. While our engineering team is focused on matching and surpassing the durability, battery power and protection that the other leading cases on the market provide, we do not guarantee the specific results that they can guarantee. As we continue to grow in knowledge, capacity and resources you will begin to find it hard to distinguish between the quality and value of all Yellow Jacket™ features compared to leading smartphone case providers.

  • What features does the Yellow Jacket™ offer that a typical smartphone case doesn't?

    Yellow Jacket™ provides the user with 3 main benefits: protection of the phone, providing a rechargeable battery that virtually doubles the life of your phone and a high voltage volt stun gun integrated for self-defense.

  • Can the Yellow Jacket™ affect/harm my phone in any way?

    No. Yellow Jacket™ has a special layer that prevents any potential interference with the phone.

  • Can the Yellow Jacket™ really charge my phone?

    Yes! Yellow Jacket has a charging dock that remains plugged in to your phone when the case is assembled. When the charging switch is flipped, power flows through this dock into the phone.

  • I'm having trouble charging my iPhone while its in the Yellow Jacket™ case. How do I fix this?

    If you are having issues with charging your Yellow Jacket™ and your iPhone, please refer to the "Important Documents" and "Troubleshooting Tips" sections below.

  • Why should I buy a smartphone stun gun case rather than a smartphone pepper spray case like SmartGuard?

    Our Yellow Jacket™ stun gun case has been designed and engineered to look, feel and function on a much higher level than any pepper spray case on the market:

    - With a long, round tube on the back, a pepper spray case is awkwardly and obtrusively designed. This makes it tough and rather embarrassing to carry which defeats the purpose of a defense case.

    - Deploying pepper spray around other, innocent people can have negative effects. Pepper will undoubtedly make its way into the lungs, nose and eyes of people within a 30 foot vicinity. Imagine if it is deployed accidentally around children or elderly? Yellow Jacket™ is a focused non lethal weapon that simply cannot harm bystanders.

    - Deploying a pepper spray case may render your phone useless if it is covered in pepper spay. You will not be able to place your phone next to your face! Our stun gun case can be used immediately after deployment.

    - While a pepper spray case may seem like the cheaper alternative, it requires replacement tubes that aren't cheap. Yellow Jacket just needs another charge. Of course this is free of charge.

Smartphone Models FAQs

  • Which smartphone models do the Yellow Jacket™ cases fit?

    Currently, the Yellow Jacket™ is made only for the iPhone 4/4S.

    We are excited to announce that we are developing Yellow Jacket models for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S IV that we estimate will be released in the late fall of 2013.

    We apologize for the delay and know that many people are anxiously anticipating these models. We adapted our manufacturing process to develop the new iPhone 5 model due to Apple’s strict regulations regarding accessories that connect with the iPhone 5’s Lightning adapter. 

  • Are you going to make a Yellow Jacket™ case for my (any make/any model) slider phone?

    No, we cannot make a Yellow Jacket™ for a slider phone. Our focus is on new and popular smartphones. 

  • What colors are available for the Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4/4S cases?

    The Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4/4s cases are available in 5 colors: black, white, pink, yellow and red.

  • What are the measurements for the Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4/4S cases?

    The specifications for the Yellow Jacket™ for the iPhone 4/4S are as follows:

    Height: 5.6"

    Width: 2.6"

    Depth: 1.0"

    Weight: 4.6 oz

    Weight in box: 14.3 oz

  • Will the Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 5 case work/fit on the iPod 5?

    The Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 5 case is created for the size of the iPhone 5. The iPod 5 will fit inside the Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 5 case; however, the iPod 5 is .06 inches or 1.5mm thinner than the iPhone 5. Because of the slight size difference, the iPod 5 would fit loose and insecurely.

    Any damage the device (iPod 5) incurs is not the responsibility of Yellow Jacket, LLC.

Safety & Use FAQs

  • Is this thing safe for me to carry around? What if I have kids?

    We have spent a considerable amount of resources, effort and time focusing on the safety of our product. We are happy to say that we have two main safety features: a safety switch that must be engaged before the stun gun is activated and an electrode cap that must be flipped off before making contact with an attacker. After both of these features have been engaged, the activation button must be pushed and held down while making contact with the skin in order for an accidental discharge to occur. This equates to four different and specific actions that must happen in order for an accidental discharge to occur. Please remember, that the most effective form of safety is education!

    Parents, you can no longer let your kids play with your phone. You must educate everyone that lives and works with you that Yellow Jacket™ is a self-defense weapon. Lastly and most importantly, we want customers to know that Yellow Jacket™ is a non-lethal, low amperage weapon that is temporary and not fatal.

  • Can I bring my Yellow Jacket™ case on my school's campus?

    Great question! Every university and college is different. We recommend consulting your school's student handbook for its rules on defense weapons.

  • Can I bring my Yellow Jacket™ case through an airport and onto a commercial plane?

    No, don’t try to do this unless you are prepared to have your Yellow Jacket™ confiscated and spend the night detained. BUT, you can safely package your Yellow Jacket™ and place it into your checked baggage and put it back on your smartphone after you have left the airport.

    If you are flying on a private jet, consult the airlines and staff before getting on the plane with your Yellow Jacket™.

  • Can I use my Yellow Jacket™ when it is raining? What happens when it gets wet?

    Great question! The Yellow Jacket™ is not made to get wet. Please do not swim with it, drop it in water, or get it severely wet.

    If it is raining, we recommend removing the phone from the case and wiping it dry. Wait a few minutes to make sure it is completely dry before using the case again.

  • If attacked, where should I aim to use the Yellow Jacket™?

    We educate our customers to aim for the torso: rib cage, shoulder or lower neck area. Applying for the duration of 1-2 seconds will cause pain similar to a bee sting or sever pinch, 3-4 seconds will cause even more serious pain and muscle spasms/contraction and 5 seconds plus has been known to cause an assailant to hit the deck and/or experience short term mental/physical confusion. With this said, Yellow Jacket™ does not promise any of these effects at these specific time frames.

  • Should I engage an attacker if they are holding me up with a legal weapon?

    There are certain instances when it may be best to comply with the attacker’s requests or run to safety and call for help. We want to stress that every situation is different depending on a variety of factors such as size, desperation and aggression level of the attacker; whether the attacker is armed and what he is armed with; if you are located in a public or private area; your availability to a weapon or phone; your size, stamina, speed and knowledge of weapons systems and close quarter combat. Your body naturally does a great job to boost your adrenaline glands in times of danger or emergency and physically prepares you for a “fight or flight” activity. We encourage you to use your instinct to make these split second decisions and not go out of your way to be a “hero”.  Material items can be replaced but not human lives.

    With this said, there are definitely certain times when you should not comply with an attacker if you fear that the attacker is mentally unstable and not worried about material items, but plans to fatally harm or kidnap you no matter what. If this occurs, you must assess whether you can make a strong connection in their torso area with your high voltage Yellow Jacket™ while avoiding the attacker’s weapon. If you do decide to engage the attacker, it helps greatly to have taken self-defense classes, familiarized yourself with Yellow Jacket’s safety and activation features numerous times and to use your best advantage in this situation, the element of surprise. At the end of the day, the decision to engage or not engage your attacker is your decision alone. Yellow Jacket, LLC does not take responsibility or claim liability for your decision.

  • What are the effects of a shock from the Yellow Jacket™?

    It is important to understand the distinction between a TASER® brand stun weapon and stun gun. Stun guns are contact weapons and must be applied at close range while TASER® brand stun weapons are propelled and stick into the skin via pronged barbs. Stun guns also have a lower amperage and higher voltage than Tasers which make them intrinsically safer in case of an accidental discharge. Yellow Jacket will cause mild to serious pain and definite discomfort to the person it is used on. A stun gun shock’s severity depends greatly on where it is applied on the body and how long it is applied.

    We educate our customers to aim for the torso: rib cage, shoulder or lower neck area. Applying for the duration of 1-2 seconds will cause pain similar to a bee sting or severe pinch, 3-4 seconds will cause even more serious pain and muscle spasms/contraction and 5 seconds plus has been known to cause an assailant to hit the deck and/or experience short term mental/physical confusion. With this said, Yellow Jacket does not promise any of these effects at these specific time frames.

    Overall effectiveness is determined by many other factors such as layers of clothing, weapons/close combat training undergone by the attacker and/or victim, voltage of the stun gun and aggression/intoxication of the attacker. Depending on the size and aggression of the attacker, it may lock up their muscles and gravity may cause them to fall. The fall may cause more damage than the shock, so be sure you take deliberate action when using your Yellow Jacket™, and do not use in a playful manner. Ironically, the more muscular the person that receives the shock, the more susceptible his muscles will be to locking up. It is human nature to avoid potential pain and unknown lights/sounds, so even attackers will jump back to avoid a loud, bright, painful shock.

  • Why doesn't the Yellow Jacket™ knock someone down like the TASER® brand stun weapons?

    Great question! Let me explain why our iPhone 4/4S models do not knock you down like a TASER® brand stun weapon could potentially do:

    This is a personal protection device, a defensive product, that is meant to "create separation" between the attacker and potential victim. In the industry, our stun gun is on average with most stun guns that advertise their voltage between 250KV - 750KV. We don't promise to be the most powerful stun gun on the market, but rather the most CONVENIENT and best CONCEALED. Besides, how many stun guns charge your phone too?

    Our stun gun is LOUD to attract attention from up to 80 yards away

    Our stun gun is BRIGHT to attract attention from up to 20 yards away.

    Our stun gun is PAINFUL to stop an attacker from their actions, deter them from further aggressive action and allow the potential victim to escape.

    We are not a law enforcement grade stun gun like the TASER® brand stun weapons (not yet..our law enforcement grade Yellow Jacket™ hits the market 02/14: the voltage will be 2-3X more than our current model and the amperage will be 2X our current model).

    We don't make promises/guarantees to incapacitate people with our device. The majority of our customers are females and honestly they don't want something that strong.

    Lastly, as our engineering and R&D teams continue to gain expertise in developing our exclusive line of products the form factor (thinness) will decrease and stopping power (voltage and amperage) will increase.

  • Can the Yellow Jacket™ kill me?

    No! Yellow Jacket™ is a non-lethal contact stun gun that emits less than 1mA. This is below the lethal threshold of amperage. If you do stun an attacker and they do fall they could be seriously injured. Again, please only use your Yellow Jacket™ if you or a loved one is in danger.

  • Where can I get training on how to use my Yellow Jacket™ case?

    We recommend locating the nearest Krav Maga school to you. It is important to be educated on invasion techniques and hand to hand combat.

  • Why do my pictures come out blurry when I use a flash?

    Unfortunately, due to the design of the iPhone 4/4S you may experience blurriness in your photos when you use a flash, with the iPhone in it's case.

    We apologize for this flaw. It has been addressed and fixed in future Yellow Jacket™ models. In the meantime, we suggest taking the top clip off of the case when you want to use your camera's flash.

Stun Gun FAQs

      • Why should I buy a smartphone case stun gun versus a standard stun gun?

        Great question! While there are more powerful stun guns on the market, they are much bigger and are not easily concealed. The difference with Yellow Jacket™ is that you can surprise a potential attacker as much or more than they can surprise you because of the concealed and inconspicuous nature of our product. We built this product with you, the average smartphone owner, in mind. We know that you are busy with school, work and life, and that you don't have time to find the stun gun your dad gave you at the bottom of your purse in a life threatening situation.

        We made it easy for you by taking away the chance of losing your only chance to turn the tables on an attacker. Yellow Jacket™ is Protection for Your Phone & for Your Life!

      • What is the difference between a TASER® brand stun weapon and a stun gun?

        A lot of people use the term "taser" and "stun gun" interchangeably, but there are significant differences between the two.

        Stun guns are contact weapons and must be applied at close range while TASER® brand stun weapons are propelled and stick into the skin via pronged barbs. Stun guns also have a lower amperage and higher voltage than TASER® brand stun weapons which make them intrinsically safer in case of an accidental discharge. Yellow Jacket™ will cause mild to serious pain and definite discomfort to the person it is used on. A stun gun shock’s severity depends greatly on where it is applied on the body and how long it is applied.

        Neither of these weapons are designed to kill under normal use.

      • Isn't voltage deadly?

        Volts don't kill; amperage does. Yellow Jacket's amperage is low enough to guarantee this device is incapable of causing death.

      • What is the amperage of the Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4/4S stun gun?

        The amperage output for the Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 4/4S is 0.8 mA.

        The Yellow Jacket™ iPhone 5 will have an output of 1.0 mA.

      • How many discharges does the stun gun allow (or dispense)?

        Yellow Jacket™ holds about 800 seconds of discharge power when the battery is fully charged.

      • How does the Yellow Jacket™ compare to other stun guns?

        Yellow Jacket™ is a defensive weapon that causes pain to any size human and potential muscle locking in certain instances. The product is meant to be used as a deterrent when someone threatens you physically and actually used on another human as a last resort. Yellow Jacket™ is at an output that is on par with a medium-sized stun gun currently on the market. There are many grandiose statements that other companies make about stun guns that output millions of volts but there isn't a proven way to test these claims. We believe they are exaggerated and that our output claims are as close to what we claim as possible. We do not claim to render people incapacitated like a TASER® brand stun weapon may do. While this may happen with a Yellow Jacket™ in rare instances, our main value to our customers is the convenience factor and the ability to surprise any potential attackers.

Order/Return FAQs

      • Can I modify my order after I have already submitted it online?

        If you've placed an order online please make sure to review your order carefully. If you find any errors, please contact us immediately. Due to our automated system, orders are automatically submitted to our fulfillment department as soon as they are submitted online. Please understand that we will not be able to modify your order and will need to cancel the existing order and re-place a new order.

      • The shipping address I filled out at checkout is incorrect. What can I do?

        If you submitted an incorrect shipping address when you placed your order, please contact us immediately.

        Usually, the mailing software we use will pick up on invalid addresses. If this happens, our support team will contact you to verify your address and your order will not be shipped out until you have responded and verified your correct address. If for some reason, our mailing software does not pick up on an invalid address and it is shipped out and then returned to us, we will hold our customers responsible for submitting payment for re-shipping your order.

      • After I place my order, how long will it take before it is ready to ship?

        Orders placed before 2pm CST Monday-Thursday and 1pm CST on Friday will typically ship out the same day. Orders placed after these deadlines will ship the following business day. Typically, any orders placed after 1pm Friday and throughout with weekend will be processed and ready to ship on Monday. This is subject to change during the holidays.

      • What is Yellow Jacket's return policy?

        We will accept returns within 30 days of the original purchase only if the product was purchased directly from our website. Products that are discounted and state "FINAL SALE" are not eligible for returns. You can read more on our return policy here.

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